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 Freisteller: The Villa Romana Fellows 2008
April 26–June 22, 2008

This show marks the start of a new exhibition series of Deutsche Bank and continues the Deutsche Bank Foundation’s commitment to Villa Romana. The 2008 award-winners of the Villa Romana Prize (Dani Gal, Julia Schmidt, Asli Sungu, and Clemens von Wedemeyer) were selected by the Berlin-based artist Ayse Erkmen and the art historian Beatrice von Bismarck based in Leipzig. The Deutsche Guggenheim presents the works of the four stipend holders in a group exhibition. With his videos, computer animations and installations, the Israeli artist Dani Gal places text and image sources in a new context with the aim of exposing their hidden levels of meaning. Julia Schmidt reflects on the medium of painting and generates her pictures with images drawn from both “high culture” and the mass media. The Turkish video and installation artist Asli Sungu addresses the experiences she has gained between different cultural contexts. And Clemens von Wedemeyer’s films vacillating between authenticity and fiction revolve around social developments and power structures.

Photo: Gregor Hohenberg