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 True North
February 2–April 31, 2008

Opening at the Deutsche Guggenheim in February 2008, True North presents the work of a group of contemporary artists whose photographs or video-based projects respond both to various northern locations and the history of representation that has endowed these places with meaning—from the Northern Romantic landscape painting tradition of the early nineteenth century and the work of later “explorer-photographers,” to the proliferation of northern images in twenty-first-century media culture. Recontextualizing the Romantic tradition’s focus on the overwhelming, sublime scale of northern landscapes, these artists’ projects make the confrontation between the viewer and the work itself a site of anxiety, dislocation, or destabilization. Coordinate systems and directional indicators begin to break down or lose their meaning, calling into question the structures and historical narratives that provide the grounding for our sense of self.

Roni Horn, Pi (detail), 1997-98
45 Iris-prints (30 of 45 exhibited)
Edition 5/5. 22 prints: 51.4 x 69.2 cm each; 13 prints: 51.4 x 51.4 cm each; 10 prints: 51.4 x 41.3 cm each
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Purchased with funds contributed by the International Director's Council and Executive Committee members with additional funds contributed by the Photography Committee, 2001.71