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 100% Africa
October 12, 2006–February 18, 2007

Presented by the Jean Pigozzi Collection of African Art in Geneva, 100% Africa is a varied selection of works by contemporary African artists that confirms the diversity and vitality of expression in Africa today. Featuring artists living and working in sub-Saharan Africa, 100% Africa focuses on creative artists fully committed to the continentís future. The exhibition invites visitors to take a journey through more than 15 countries, providing an unusual, largely unexplored vision of art in Africa. Rather than considering these artists strictly from the perspective of their origins, this presentation allows audiences to appreciate them for the richness, singularity, and sheer power of their art.

Chéri Samba (Samba wa Mbimba NíZinga), I like Color (J'aime la couleur), 2003. Acrylic and glitter on canvas, 206 x 296.7 cm. CAAC - The Pigozzi Collection, Geneva