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 John Baldessari: Somewhere Between Almost Right and Not Quite (With Orange)
October 30, 2004–January 16, 2005

"As soon as you put two things together, you get a story." Since the 1960s, American artist John Baldessari has investigated the production of meaning in an artistic practice that combines Pop art imagery and Conceptual art's use of language with a sensibility that is uniqely his own.

Baldessari continues his career-long exploration of the language of images with Somewhere Between Almost Right and Not Quite (With Orange), a group of 13 large-scale, newly commissioned works for the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. Painting over black-and-white, B-movie film stills with blocks of pure color, Baldessari removes crucial information from the images as a way of focusing our attention on "betweenness"—on the gap between opposites forces, like harmony and discord, or painting and photography— and on orange, the color between yellow and red.

John Baldessari, Umbrella (Orange): With Figure and Ball (Blue and Green), 2004. Three-dimensional digital archival print on Sintra, Dibond, and Gatorfoam panels, 120 1/2 x 106 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. Deutsche Guggenheim